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10 Things You Need to Know Before Going On TV

This is an excerpt from my book The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know Before Your Next Interview, now available in soft cover and all major eBook formats.

Appearing on television can be an odd experience. In one of the stranger (but more common) formats, you may be escorted to a


Television: Know Your Background (Thanksgiving Edition)

What will show up behind you when you appear on television?

That decision is usually left up to television producers when interviews are held at their studios—but you may have significant control over your background for interviews conducted in the field, at your home, or at your office.

A thoughtfully selected background can enhance and reinforce your


Five Tips To Help Your Next TV Appearance Run Smoothly

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Christina Mozaffari, our firm’s senior media trainer. She was previously a producer for NBC News, where she produced stories for Nightly News with Brian Williams, The Today Show, and Hardball with Chris Matthews, among others.

When I was a producer for NBC News, part of my job was


Happy Thanksgiving (Look Out Behind You, Sarah Palin!)

For this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I offer you one of my favorite video clips.

Shortly after returning to Alaska following her defeat in the 2008 general election, then-Governor Sarah Palin visited a local turkey farm to pardon a turkey.

She was totally oblivious to the bloody turkey slaughter occurring over her shoulder.

I suggest you watch


Seven Things You Need To Know Before Going On TV

A few years ago, I accompanied one of our clients to CNN’s Washington, DC bureau for a live interview on Lou Dobbs Tonight. Since I had worked at that bureau for a couple of years in the late 1990s and knew it well, I was able to tell her exactly what she could expect.

But it

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