How To Use A Teleprompter And An “IFB” Earpiece

Editor’s Note: This post was written by David Shuster, a former MSNBC and Current TV anchor who currently serves as the managing editor for Take Action News. In this post, he responds to a reader who asked for tips on how to read from a Teleprompter and use an “IFB” earpiece, into which a producer


Why You Should Temper The Teleprompter Temptation

A trainee of mine recently asked if he could use a teleprompter for his presentations. He whipped out his iPad and showed me a teleprompter app he’d downloaded.

While the app was impressive, I told him it was a very bad idea.

Truly, I understand the temptation. There it is, your entire presentation, sitting in


Should Barack Obama Lose The Teleprompter?

One of the questions I’ve been asked the most during radio interviews and speeches over the past two years is this: Should President Obama ditch the teleprompter? 

Since his days on the campaign trail, critics – mostly, but not exclusively from the political right – have mocked the President for using a teleprompter. Today, I’ll look at

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