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Should Subway Ever Have Used Jared As Its Star Spokesman?

Last week, Subway spokesman Jared Fogle admitted to having sex with minors and engaging in child pornography.

In light of his admission, many communications and marketing professionals are questioning the wisdom of putting a multi-billion dollar brand identity into the hands of one person. After all, there’s a reason why McDonald’s and Burger King use fictional characters instead of real people as their brand mascots.

Are they right? Or was the “Jared” campaign a good idea?


Subway’s Footlong Fiasco

In the age of social media, a corporate crisis can originate in unexpected places.

Last Tuesday, the fast food behemoth Subway found itself in a global mess when an Australian teenager named Matt Corby posted a photo to Facebook of the “SUBWAY FOOTLONG” he had purchased in Perth. The problem? It measured only 11 inches.

The photo

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