Book Review: Fearless Speaking

Good physicians wouldn’t diagnose you before running blood work or conducting a physical examination. If they did, you’d probably run out of their office, never to return.

But far too often, public speaking experts address the fear of public speaking in exactly the same manner. They offer tips and strategies intended to help you reduce your


Book Review: “Sweating Bullets” By Dale Dixon

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical when I received a review copy of Sweating Bullets: A Story About Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking in the mail.

The book, by Dale Dixon, was attempting to do something I’ve never seen done in a book about public speaking before: offer advice in story form through

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Read These Books: Public Speaking, Media Training & Crisis

Note: This page is regularly updated with new books. 

I’ve read dozens of books that focus on media training, crisis management, body language, and public speaking. Many of them are quite good—but a select few have become favorites.

In this post, I list some of my all-time favorites. This isn’t a comprehensive list, as there are


Book Review: Confessions Of A Public Speaker

I’ve been catching up on some long-overdue reading lately, and finally read a book that’s been sitting near the top of Amazon’s Public Speaking Bestsellers list since its 2009 release. 

It’s easy to see why Confessions Of A Public Speaker by Scott Berkun has gotten so much buzz. It’s the single funniest book about public speaking


Should You Ban PowerPoint In Your Office?

Should you ban PowerPoint from your company’s internal meetings?

At least one high-profile business executive did. According to Walter Isaacson’s terrific biography of Steve Jobs, the late Apple founder hated PowerPoint and banned it from company meetings:

“’Steve would summon the teams into the boardroom, which seats twenty, and they would come with thirty people


The Reality Of Journalism: Terror Of Irritable Bosses

I recently read a terrific novel called The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman.

The book, which has earned a lot of well-deserved acclaim, was named a notable book by the New York Times in 2010. (Yes, I’m a bit late to the party).

The novel tells the story of ten people working for an English-language newspaper

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