Reader Question: Can You Clarify Your Advice On Bridging?

I recently received this email from a communications consultant working in Brussels, Belgium. She writes:

“I bought your book a couple of months ago and found it a terrific read. I give a great many media trainings a year and found inspiration for a couple of improvements of the way I train my clients.

I do have


How To Use A Teleprompter And An “IFB” Earpiece

Editor’s Note: This post was written by David Shuster, a former MSNBC and Current TV anchor who currently serves as the managing editor for Take Action News. In this post, he responds to a reader who asked for tips on how to read from a Teleprompter and use an “IFB” earpiece, into which a producer


Reader Question: Should I Record A Biased Reporter?

A reader named Sean Hughes ran into a familiar problem recently when dealing with a local reporter. He writes:

“We have a local metro reporter who loves to edit on-camera interviews to his (or his editors’) liking, typically avoiding our key messages in favor of sensationalist reactions from incited passers-by. To help fairly manage our participation


Reader Email 2: How Do You Handle Negative Comments?

You’re a jerk. An idiot. A poser. A moron. A dumbass.

If you’ve blogged long enough, you’ve probably been assaulted by a few readers who disagree with your conclusions. And that can lead to a few challenges for bloggers who want to allow a free exchange of ideas but also insist upon a civil discourse.

Reader Mary


Reader Email 1: Do Minor Misquotes Matter?

Readers of this blog occasionally send me their questions about media training—and although I do my best to answer all of them in a timely manner, I’m afraid I’ve fallen a bit behind.

So this week, I’m going to clear out my reader email inbox and answer as many of those questions as possible!

Today’s email comes


What To Say When You’re Not the Right Spokesperson

I recently received an email from Nicole, a reader who works for a local Chamber of Commerce. Her boss was on the radio expecting to face questions about one topic – but the host had a different idea. She writes:

“We had a recent experience where our Chamber president was asked to participate in a live


Four (More) Ground Rules For Working With Reporters

I recently received an email from a reader working in Sierra Leone.

The reader saw my article, Eight Ground Rules for Working With Reporters, thought I missed a few important ones, and submitted four additional rules. They’re great. 

Given the unique perspective that this reader is able to offer from the other side of the world,


I Have 12 Radio Interviews. What Should I Say?

I recently received an email from Mike in Australia, who has a rather fortunate problem: He has 12 radio interviews coming up and will get to select the topics – but he doesn’t know how to come up with topics for 12 separate interviews. He writes:

“I’m in Australia and have an education agency in the

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