Was Saturday Night Live’s Apology Skit Enough?

Recently, Saturday Night Live faced criticism that the cast lacks diversity, specifically for its absence of black women. Kenan Thompson, one of the show’s three minority actors, announced he would no longer cross-dress to play characters like Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg.

There has not been a black female SNL cast member since 2007. To put


Should The Washington Redskins Change Their Name?

Imagine a professional sports team called the “Newark Negroes.” If the year was 1913, that name might make historical sense. But if they were still playing in 2013? It’s actually unfathomable—it couldn’t happen, and it wouldn’t be tolerated by American society.

And yet, each week, fans gather at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland to cheer on


Rodney King And The Birth Of Citizen Journalism

Just past midnight on March 3, 1991, a Los Angeles man named George Holliday was awoken by police sirens.

Curious about the noise, Holliday grabbed his “clunky Sony Handycam” and stepped out on his balcony, according to the Los Angeles Times. The nine minutes of videotape he proceeded to capture that night changed the world.


Did Rick Santorum Say That “Black People” Get Medicaid?

The Internets are abuzz today with news that GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum targeted “black people” who receive Medicaid, while ignoring that the majority of recipients are white.

The heads of the NAACP and National Urban League were both quick to blast Sen. Santorum for his comment, which he is alleged to have made last


A Racist Word? A Crisis Communications Case Study

Niggardly (adverb): grudgingly mean about spending or granting. Synonyms: cheap, chintzy, close, closefisted, mean, mingy, miserly, niggard, stingy, parsimonious, penny-pinching, penurious, pinching, pinchpenny, spare, sparing, stinting, tight, tightfisted, uncharitable, ungenerous – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

I was speaking to my wife yesterday when I referenced the word “niggardly.” She immediately thought I had said something racist. (In fact,


What To Do After You Send Out A Racist Email

Marilyn Davenport, an elected Orange County Republican official, sent an email containing a racist photo to a few of her friends last week. The photo showed President Obama as a baby ape, playing to the most vulgar stereotypes about African-Americans.

After being confronted by the media about the photo, Ms. Davenport sent


ALF: The Racist Tapes

Remember ALF, the 1980s sitcom that millions watched but no one actually admitted watching?

Last week, a new outtakes clip from ALF hit the Internet, in which the actor playing ALF made a series of offensive comments. 

Warning: This clip contains offensive language. 



People have long debated the appropriateness of racist language in comedy, and I don’t

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