Dallas Cowboys Coach Gives The Same Non-Answer 10 Times

News reports revealed last week that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead had been arrested for shoplifting $25 from a Virginia convenience store. Wasting no time, the Cowboys cut Whitehead from the team later that day.

There was only one problem. He didn’t do it.

But the Cowboys didn’t apologize. Instead, head coach Jason Garrett defended the team’s decision to cut Whitehead during a very strange press conference by repeating the same evasive statement 10 times. Here’s the video and the fallout.


PR Fail: Look Behind You!

Late last week, New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and Quarterback Tom Brady (below) tried to take the air out of accusations that they had intentionally deflated game balls during their AFC Championship Game win.

Unfortunately, it looked as if the Patriots’ PR staff didn’t consider the background those two spokespersons would be standing in


Roger Goodell’s Press Conference: Did He Say Enough?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell finally faced reporters today in an effort to save his job and quell growing public outrage over his poor handling of a domestic abuse case involving a player.

The Context

The crisis began when this video, showing Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice dragging his fiancée’s unconscious body off an elevator, appeared on TMZ.




A Perfect Example Of A Great Press Conference

Last week, an audio technician for the television program Cops was killed by friendly fire while filming a robbery at a Wendy’s in Omaha, Nebraska. 

The Omaha police chief, Todd Schmaderer, delivered an almost perfect press conference—one that stands in marked contrast to the shameful media interactions in Ferguson, Missouri—that should be studied by PR professionals


Should You Use A Reporter’s Name During An Interview?

I recently received this email from the communications director for a major league sports team:

“What is your opinion on a speaker (in our case it’s usually the head coach after games) addressing questions by naming each reporter before the answer or finding a spot within the answer to name the questioner? I hear writers talk


The 5C’s Of Crisis Communications

A crisis strikes your company. News helicopters are flying overhead, reporters with camera crews are showing up at your headquarters, and journalists from all over the world begin calling your communications department. 

That scenario might seem dramatic—and admittedly, most corporate crises aren’t quite that sensational—but it happens. When a plane crashes, a factory has a major


Chris Christie’s Marathon Press Conference

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie faced reporters today to respond to his administration’s brewing “bridge” scandal.

His press conference was far from perfect. But it was a net positive and a critical first step toward regaining some control of this story.

By delivering a “marathon press conference”—he answered questions for close to two hours—he left an indelible


July 2013: The Worst Video Media Disaster

More than 40 people were killed earlier this month when a 73-car train filled with oil derailed in Quebec and slammed into downtown Lac-Mégantic.

The accident, Canada’s deadliest in almost 150 years, was horrific—some people sitting in a café, for example, were reportedly burned alive after fleeing, while others jumped from a building’s third floor to

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