Optical Illusion: The Brussels Attack And Obama’s Cuba Wave

Hours after Tuesday’s dual bombings in Brussels that killed more than 30 people, President Obama attended a baseball game in Cuba.

It was no ordinary international visit—Mr. Obama’s trip to Cuba was a diplomatic milestone, marking the first visit by an American leader since 1928. Nor was the baseball exhibition game an ordinary one—the Tampa Bay Rays were there to play the Cuban National Team.

But one image from the game—Mr. Obama doing the wave—caught the attention of critics, many of whom were disturbed by the juxtaposition of a terrorist attack and the American First Family delighting in the Cuban sun.


President Obama Gets “Schooled” By A Sixth Grader

Last Thursday, President Obama was interviewed at the Anacostia Library in Washington, D.C. for a “Virtual Field Trip” event that was broadcast into classrooms around the world.

His interviewer was sixth-grade student Osman Yaya. At one point, Osman asked the president to define “writer’s block” and offer suggestions to help students get past it.

President Obama took


Edsel. Buckner. Ishtar. And Obamacare?

The Ford Motor Company introduced a new model with great fanfare in 1958: The Ford Edsel. It was a spectacular failure and was pulled from the market within three years. The dud cost the car manufacturer a whopping $350 million—more than $2 billion in today’s dollars.

Red Sox fans watched in horror in 1986 as their


President Obama’s Latest Syria Surprise

“We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus.” – President Barack Obama, August 2012

With those comments—now known as Obama’s “Red


New Data: How Twitter Is Changing The Way We Speak

During the final presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney in October 2012, you may remember that Mr. Obama uttered this memorable quip about his administration’s military readiness: “Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed.”

That memorable line was likely pre-planned—and, according to Twitter, it became


May 2013: The Worst Video Media Disaster

The mayor of the fourth largest city in North America was accused of smoking crack cocaine by three journalists who viewed an unreleased video earlier this month. Not just any mayor, but Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, long known as a bombastic loudmouth who isn’t afraid to go on the offensive.

But in this case he didn’t


Mark Sanford Plays Deaf | Obama On Syria | In The Doghouse

Today’s post looks at three recent media events that are worthy of mention.

1. Congressional Candidate Mark Sanford Plays Deaf

Remember Mark Sanford, the former South Carolina Governor who had to resign as chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association, after admitting he was having an affair with an Argentinian woman? You may recall that he infamously went


The Ten Worst Video Media Disasters Of 2012

2012 was an election year, so it’s no surprise that politicians consistently committed the types of gaffes that took their campaigns far off message.

This year, we heard about the “47 percent,” “tacos,” and “chains.” But it wasn’t just politicians in trouble–an executive, a football coach, and three broadcast personalities also made the list.

Without further ado,

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