Should I Tell The Audience That I’m Nervous?

Most people get nervous when they deliver a presentation. As Mark Twain famously said, “There are two types of speakers: those who get nervous and those who are liars.”

Still, most public speaking experts advise presenters to never admit to an audience that they’re nervous. Here’s a sampling of advice:

In his excellent book Presentation Zen, Garr


What Great PowerPoint Slides Look Like

I once had a client walk into my office with a printout of their PowerPoint deck.

There was one slide printed on each page; the document was as thick as the average Yellow Pages. The slides were full of bullets, overly complicated graphics, and unnecessary footnotes. Worse, that slide deck was to be used for a

Bookstore Books Sign

Read These Books: Public Speaking, Media Training & Crisis

Note: This page is regularly updated with new books. 

I’ve read dozens of books that focus on media training, crisis management, body language, and public speaking. Many of them are quite good—but a select few have become favorites.

In this post, I list some of my all-time favorites. This isn’t a comprehensive list, as there are

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