The 10 Most Jaw-Dropping Media Interview Answers

Since beginning this blog in August 2010, I’ve written about hundreds of media disasters.

Today, I decided to go back and look at the most outrageous things people have said over the past three years and compile the most jaw-dropping sound bites I could find.

My list is subjective. If your personal favorite isn’t on this list,


The Ten Worst Video Media Disasters Of 2012

2012 was an election year, so it’s no surprise that politicians consistently committed the types of gaffes that took their campaigns far off message.

This year, we heard about the “47 percent,” “tacos,” and “chains.” But it wasn’t just politicians in trouble–an executive, a football coach, and three broadcast personalities also made the list.

Without further ado,


Friday Classic Clip: Al Campanis Goes On Nightline (1987)

Last week, Mayor Joseph Maturo of East Haven, Connecticut was asked what he would do for his community’s Latino community following an abuse scandal. “I might have tacos when I get home,” he replied. His ridiculously insensitive answer was shocking, but far from the only one of its kind.

On April 6, 1987, L.A. Dodgers


January 2012: The Five Worst Video Media Disasters

It’s only January. You’d think that public figures would have made a New Year’s resolution to leave their disastrous media gaffes in 2011.

No such luck. This month, a taco-loving mayor, layoff-loving presidential candidate, and threat-loving politician put their feet firmly in their mouths.

Without any further ado, here are the five worst media disasters

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