Hillary Clinton’s Unconvincing Response To A Tough Question

Polls show that many Americans — including many Democrats — harbor doubts about whether Hillary Clinton is trustworthy.

It’s in that context that Secretary Clinton faced a line of questioning about her honesty late last week from CBS News anchor Scott Pelley. He asked an absolute question — “Have you always told the truth?” — which few people would be able to answer with a simple “yes.”

You can probably see why that’s a challenging question to field. In this post, I’ll discuss four possible approaches to answer it.


Review: October 13, 2015 CNN Democratic Debate

The five candidates for the Democratic nomination faced off for the first time tonight.

As some of you know, I live tweet many of these debates. So instead of writing a full scorecard of tonight’s debate, I decided to try something new. In this post, you’ll find my 19-tweet review of the debate, complied into a single post.

As usual, I tried to leave my personal politics out of it and sought to be as nonpartisan as possible in my analysis.

Hillary Clinton Email Press Conference August 2015

August 2015: The Worst Video Media Disaster

For months, Hillary Clinton has been dealing with a crisis regarding her use of a personal server and email account to send and receive work-related emails while Secretary of State.

Whether you believe this crisis is justified by the facts or the result of an unfair partisan attack, she should have been able to answer a direct question during a recent press conference (“Did you wipe the server?”) directly. Instead, she offered a glib sarcasm, feigned ignorance, and shrugged her shoulders.

It was a performance that led to negative press, reduced her poll numbers, and emboldened her opponents.


Was Hillary Clinton’s Email Press Conference Effective?

Hillary Clinton faced reporters for 20 minutes this afternoon to answer questions about the personal email account she used while serving as Secretary of State.

Secretary Clinton repeatedly came back to the same talking points: She had operated within the rules of the State Department and opted to use a personal account (and her own server)


Every Male Candidate Should Watch This Media Interview

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a possible 2016 presidential candidate, gave an interview to CNBC yesterday that may eliminate his chances of winning the Republican nomination before his campaign even gets under way. 

Much of the media coverage about the interview focused on Paul’s dangerous insistence that vaccines should remain voluntary because of “freedom.” But another part


Hillary Clinton Needs A New Message, Stat!

Hillary Clinton has been talking about her wealth—or relative lack thereof—a lot lately, and her responses have done more to raise eyebrows and encourage additional follow up questions than to satisfy the questions and put a close to the issue.

The topic came up during an interview with Diane Sawyer earlier this month, and Secretary Clinton


The Smear Cycle: Hillary Clinton May Have Brain Damage

Karl Rove, the former top advisor to President Bush, launched a new smear campaign against Hillary Clinton late last week. Speaking at a conference, Rove brought up Clinton’s 2012 health scare, during which she spent several days in a hospital. From The New York Post:

“Thirty days in the hospital?” Rove said, according to Page Six.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Is Hillary Clinton “Too Old” To Become President?

Some Republicans have hatched a new plan to defeat possible 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — by saying she’s too old and “out of touch” for the job.

According to Saturday’s New York Times, some Republican politicians, strategists, and media figures are already trying to weaken the former Secretary of State. Here are some of

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