How To Win When You’re Ranked Dead Last

I often get emails from readers saying something like this: “I know you post a lot of media disasters. Do you have a good example of a spokesperson doing things right?”

We’ve posted many good interviews through the years—but since there’s such interest in the topic, I wanted to post one of my favorites, a May 2013 interview with Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza.

At the time, his airline had been ranked last in customer satisfaction by Consumer Reports. Few executives want to go on television to defend such a dismal ranking—but Baldanza appeared energized by the challenge.


Six Things You Can Learn From This Great Media Guest

I don’t care about Davy Crockett. I’ve never been much into American folk heroes, and most of what I know about Crockett comes from the hit 1950s song. 

So why am I suddenly writing about Davy Crockett?

Last Thursday, historian Michael Wallis appeared on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart to discuss his new book,


A Politician’s Lonely, Lonely Press Conference

Unless you live in Canada, you’ve probably never heard of Tim Hudak. He’s a local politician and the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.

Last week, he gave a press conference. He did a great job. He was perfectly on message, as noted by the local paper, The London Free Press:

“Making it clear

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