Air Canada’s CEO Tries — And Fails — To Control An Interview

It’s not uncommon for some executives, who are used to being in control and angered when they’re challenged, to lash out during a media interview.

Unfortunately for Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu, it’s also not uncommon for reporters to punish executives for their unappealing tone.

For an interview published in The Globe and Mail, reporter Trevor Cole asked a series of seemingly fair questions about the airline. Rovinescu’s tone shifted when he didn’t like a few questions—and he answered sarcastically and defensively through much of the rest of the interview.

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My Worst Media Interview Ever

A reader recently asked me: “What was the worst media interview you ever gave? What did you learn from it?”

Fortunately, I’ve never had an outright media disaster. But my mind immediately went to an interview I gave in 2010 about what scientists should expect from their interactions with the media.

The story that resulted from that interview was harmless. But my experience during the interview was bruising, and taught me several important lessons.

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