A New Radio Trend You Should Know About

Mike Diegel, a principal at Primo Partners Public Affairs, recently wrote in with a question about two radio interviews he had conducted earlier this month.

Rather than conducting the interview by telephone—long the established norm—both interviewers asked Mike if he could use his iPhone to record the interview instead. Mike writes:

“He told me to start the


Five Ways You Can Avoid Being A Terrible Radio Guest

Yesterday, this blog looked at five things great radio guests do (click here if you missed it).

Today’s post will turn to the dark side, looking at five things terrible radio guests do. If you want to avoid being that guest who never gets called back for a second radio interview, this article’s for you.



Five Ways You Can Become A Great Radio Guest

Washington, D.C.’s WTOP is the top-ranked radio station in the nation’s capital.

I’ve been fortunate to appear on WTOP a few times over the past month to discuss Anthony Weiner (audio here) and the News of the World scandal (audio here). In the process, I’ve gotten to know WTOP reporter and producer Ari Ashe.

I asked

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