The Television Host I Admire The Most

This may surprise you, but the television host I admire the most is American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest may be the single most agile host of the television era. Don’t laugh. If that statement seems hyperbolic, keep in mind that the most famous television emcee of the 20th Century—Dick Clark—personally handpicked Seacrest to be his successor. 



Will American Idol Reverse Its “White Guy” PR Problem?

If you’re a woman trying to win this season’s American Idol (season 12 debuts on Fox tonight), I have bad news for you. The past five years suggest it’s not going to happen. If you’re a man—but African American, Hispanic, or Asian—same goes for you. The program’s recent history suggests you’re going to lose.

That’s good


Hollywood Publicists, Fake Feuds, and Phony Marriages

At the end of every month, I write an article that lists that month’s five worst video media disasters.

A few weeks ago, I saw a video of a media disaster and thought, “This one has to go on the list.” But the more I thought about it, the more I concluded that it may not


Does American Idol Have A “White Guy” PR Problem?

The past five winners of American Idol – including tonight’s winner, Phillip Phillips – all have something in common. They’re all white males.

You’d have to go back five years to find a winner who wasn’t. Since Jordin Sparks took the title in 2007, the winners have all been white guys: David Cook, Kris Allen,


Media Training: The Justin Bieber Edition

Justin Bieber, the 16-year-old pop superstar, caused a controversy this week when he shared his political views on controversial topics in a Rolling Stone cover story.  

He’s young, and I can’t fault him for making a few mistakes under the crushing media spotlight (I do, however, question whether his management has invested enough in ongoing

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