Mike Wallace And The Art Of The Ambush Interview

Legendary CBS News reporter Mike Wallace died on Sunday at the age of 93.

Mr. Wallace interviewed dozens of the world’s most important figures, but he will likely be remembered most for pioneering the “ambush interview.”

Looking back on his career, Wallace told CNN’s Howard Kurtz that he and the late 60 Minutes executive producer


How To Survive An Ambush Interview (Part Two)

In part one of “How to Survive an Ambush Interview,” I discussed how to react to an ambush when a reporter shows up without warning.

Today’s post will look at a different type of ambush: What should you do if you’re being interviewed and the reporter blindsides you with a completely unexpected topic?

These types of


How To Survive An Ambush Interview (Part One)

When most people think of ambush interviews, they think of a television interviewer chasing after a scandal-tarred executive in an empty parking lot with camera and microphone in tow. Those types of ambushes do occur occasionally, but they’re somewhat rare.

More typically, an ambush occurs in one of two ways:

1. When a reporter shows


Hiding Behind Milk Crates: New Media Strategy

Dick Fleming is President and CEO of the St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association (RCGA), a local Chamber of Commerce.

A local television reporter wanted to know why Mr. Fleming earned $1.8 million in salary and bonuses over a two-year period – despite the fact that job growth in the region has remained flat

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