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Media Interview Bridging: Two Good Video Examples

In this post, I’ll continue my media interview bridging series by showing you two good examples of bridging from two very different types of spokespersons.

The first highlights Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who appeared on Face The Nation in 2014 to discuss Ebola in the United States.

The second features actress Anne Hathaway, whose promotion of her 2012 film Les Misérables was marred by a revealing photo of her that had been taken without her permission and widely shared online.


Media Interview Bridging: Three Examples

So far in our media interview bridging series, you’ve learned what a bridge is and when to use one, seen a list of sample bridge lines, and read an example of a bridge in action during an interview.

In this post, you’ll find three additional examples of bridging during an interview.

To make this post as helpful as possible, I selected three types of questions interviewees often face: speculative questions, false premise questions, and accusatory questions.


Media Interview Bridging: Sample Bridge Lines

In the first part of our media interview bridging series, I defined what “bridging” is, showed you how to bridge during a media interview, and explained when you should do so.

In this post, you’ll find a list of 17 popular bridge lines.

I suggest that you take a look at them, find a couple you’d be most comfortable using, and store them in memory before your next interview.


Media Interview Bridging: An Introduction

Despite publishing more than 1,200 blog posts, we’ve never done a deep dive on how to “bridge,” or transition, during a media interview. I’m not sure how that happened!

Over the next month, I’ll correct that oversight and publish a series of articles about bridging that teaches you how to transition from a reporter’s question back to your message effectively. Along the way, you’ll find a few dozen transition lines, see several examples, and read why I disagree with those who argue bridging isn’t as useful as it used to be.

In this first article, I’ll discuss what a bridge is and when to use one.

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How Should Reporters Refer To You In News Stories?

A reader recently wrote it with an interesting question: Does it matter how PR professionals are identified in news stories?

For example, is the title “media relations manager” better than “spokesperson?” Does “corporate communications manager” signify something different to the public than “spokeswoman?” Is a “public relations director” more credible than a “spokesman?”

I’ll offer my opinion in this post — but I’d also love to hear yours.


Answers To Four Of Your Media Training Questions

During a recent webinar, we (unfortunately) ran out of time to answer all of the media training questions we received.

In this post, I’m seeking to remedy that by answering four great questions submitted by the PR pros on the call, including:

How can you keep a spokesperson from making lame, irrelevant jokes? Can you give any specific advice for working with scientists? Is it ever appropriate to turn down a media request?


The Three Biggest Media Mistakes Top Executives Make

Top executives make many of the same media mistakes the rest of us do—but their missteps are often magnified, becoming top headlines on news and business websites worldwide.

Although every executive is different, we’ve observed clear trend lines in our work with hundreds of top C-suite inhabitants since starting Phillips Media Relations in 2004. In this post, I’ll share three of the mistakes we commonly see executives make—and offer advice to help prevent them.

Webinar Agenda Slide

Watch Our Webinar: How To Prepare Executives For The Big Interview

How should you prepare your executives for media interviews? Why do so many well-meaning PR professionals make it harder for their bosses to succeed? And how can leaders avoid the media minefields that trip up so many of their peers?

I answered those questions—and many more—during a recent webinar with the PR software company Cision.

The full video is here. And stay tuned until the end, when several of the hundreds of people on the call posed their smart questions and gave me a run for my money.

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