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Video Media Training Tips: Our Greatest Hits

We’ve recorded many video media training tips since 2010, most of which have gotten buried on the blog.

To solve that problem, we created a new playlist with 10 of our most popular video media training tips. Just press play, and all 10 videos will begin playing in order.

Among other topics, you’ll learn how to create


Why You Need A Media Message (Video)

Jibberwocky. Molaquin. Pretirific.

Those are made-up words. And believe it or not, nonsense words have something to do with the need to create media messages. I’ll explain how in the video below.

In this video media training tip, you’ll not only learn why you should have a message—but how to deliver an entire “on message” interview without


How To Avoid Being Misquoted By The Media

In this video media training tip, I’ll offer a very simple technique to help you avoid being the victim of a media misquote.

Remember these three words: Click, clack, repeat.

You can see some of our other video media training tips here.



Your Audience Will Forget Everything You Say

Study after study proves that the public retains very little of what they hear.

But too often, media spokespersons and public speakers load their delivery with way too much detail.

In this video media training tip, I’ll cite a couple of my favorite facts about memory – and give you a few keys to being remembered.


Our Video Media Training Tips

We’ve released numerous video media training tips since beginning this blog. To make it easier for readers, I’ve compiled a few of our most popular videos here to make it easier to find them in a single place.

How To Avoid Being Misquoted By Reporters


An Easy Way to Develop Media Sound Bites

In this video, you’ll learn


Video Tip: The Right Way To Apologize in Crisis

When a crisis strikes, the first reaction for most individuals and organizations is to become defensive.

That often leads to two media statements: the wrong one, followed days later (after the fallout has intensified) by the right one.

In this video, I’ll offer you the right way to apologize when a crisis strikes your organization.



Video Tip: How To Do A Better Phone Interview

A lot of media spokespersons treat phone interviews far too casually. And their tendency not to take phone interviews seriously can be a big problem.

Their casualness is understandable. Talking on the telephone is an everyday occurrence, so people don’t tend to view it as a scary thing. In contrast, being on television is a foreign


Video Tip: Abandon The Language of Denial

“I am not a crook.”

“I am not a witch.”

Those phrases, like hundreds of others that embrace the language of denial, are media disasters.

Although many spokespersons know they shouldn’t use those denial phrases, they often forget that rule when they’re in the middle of an adversarial media interview.

This video will teach you a technique for responding

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