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Media Relations: When Should You Take A Five-Yard Loss?

I recently worked with an organization that has a vocal and often sympathetic opponent. The opponent is a “David”—a small group perceived to be fighting for a fair cause—while the organization is perceived to be the unfeeling “Goliath.”

When the Goliath receives media inquiries, they reply with a written statement—but their opponent gives on-camera interviews. By refusing to appear on camera, the Goliath is taking a five-yard loss in every interview.

Are there times when a five-yard loss is an acceptable outcome?


Why Headshots Are A Must For Public Figures And Executives

Rob Goldstone, a tabloid reporter turned music publicist, has suddenly found himself in the middle of President Trump’s Russia scandal.

Goldstone helped broker a key meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer during the campaign, the details of which came to light this week. Unsurprisingly, Goldstone is now the subject of media scrutiny, as he was last night on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes.

The photo selection of Goldstone used in MSNBC’s graphic was spectacularly unflattering—but I wondered whether there might be more at play than bias alone.

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If I Can’t Veto Your Questions, I’m Canceling This Interview

Lucy Allan, a Member of the British Parliament, has been getting a lot of negative press lately. Among other things, she has been accused of bullying her staff and inventing a death threat.

Last week, she was scheduled to appear on the BBC, but reportedly pulled out because she wasn’t allowed to veto certain questions in advance. That only likely magnified her image as someone who exhibits bullying behavior.

Requesting “pre-conditions” prior to an interview isn’t always a bad decision. Here’s where she went wrong.

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Should You Really Avoid Repeating Inaccurate Information?

A few years ago, I wrote: “In print journalism, you almost always have forums available to you for a response, such as a letter to the editor or op-ed. If it’s an option, use it. Don’t repeat the original errors in reporting, since it just gives those errors more airtime—just articulate your point of view.”

When I was coming up as a media relations professional, that rule was rarely questioned. Repeating the original error only served to reinforce an inaccurate narrative and, thus, should be avoided at all costs.

I’m no longer sure that’s right. In today’s post, I’m going to question my own advice.


Answers: Should PR Pros Participate During Interviews?

Earlier this week, I asked readers whether it was appropriate for PR pros to participate during media interviews when someone else—an executive, subject matter expert, or client—is the person being interviewed.

Many of you responded (thank you!). We heard from people via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and in the blog’s comment section, so in this post, we’ve

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Question: Should PR Pros Participate During Interviews?

One of our clients recently suggested a terrific idea for a blog post.

In his role as a PR pro, he often sets up interviews for his subject matter experts. His protocol is to be on the call to listen in on the interview (reporters know he’s on the line). His presence helps him keep his


Question: Do You Tape Reporters During Media Interviews?

I recently received the following email from Christopher Holcroft, an Australian public relations pro. He writes:

“I have found these days more and more journalists who conduct phone interviews are recording them on voice recorders. To ensure there is complete transparency and to keep within my country’s federal laws, I ask the journalist if they are


Help A Reader: This Reporter Is Blowing Me Off!

A Florida-based PR pro recently wrote in about a situation almost every media relations professional has faced at some point in their career:

“I was introduced to a journalist of a national magazine. My colleague and I sat down with the media person and pitched him what our organization does. He loved our cause and said

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