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Welcome To The New Mr. Media Training Blog!

For the first time since launching Mr. Media Training almost five years ago, we have undertaken a complete redesign of the site.

More important, we’ve improved the user experience for you.

As of today, our site is now fully responsive for mobile (finally!). The days of having to stretch one of our pages on your phone to be able to read it are over. Whether you visit us from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you will now have a fully optimized experience.


1,000 Blog Posts!

The Mr. Media Training Blog is celebrating its 1,000th blog post today!

When I started the blog in July 2010, we were lucky to get 30 visits per day. Four years later, it has become the world’s most-visited media training website. Thank you for helping to make that happen!

Here’s some quick math: Each blog post takes


Am I Wrong To Shame People Who Plagiarize My Work?

I recently called out a PR professional who appeared to steal my work.

It’s not the first time I’ve done that. Unfortunately, a surprising number of people think little about lifting someone else’s work, and I regularly come across instances in which someone has claimed my work as their own.

But after the last incident, a person


Should I Delete Or Keep This Comment?

I received an email yesterday from an Australian reader. It seems that he had left a comment on one of my stories last year — but he doesn’t want it to appear on my blog anymore.

You’ll find his email below. To protect his anonymity, I’m not including his name or the name of the original


Your 25 Favorite Posts Of 2012

After writing 280 posts in 2012, this is it…the final post of the year!

To help close out the year, I’ve put together the 25 posts you clicked on most, organized as your top five posts in each of five categories.

I wish you and your family a terrific holiday season, and look forward to seeing you


Nine Of My Favorite Public Relations Blogs

In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to share some blog love today with nine of my favorite bloggers.

I regularly visit and learn from these nine sites. These bloggers write and share smart content, and many are also entertaining. I hope you’ll check them out and enjoy their work as much as I


Why I Answered My Obscene Commenter

Whenever I post an article citing the “worst gaffes” of a certain time period, I get feedback from a few readers who disagree with my choices.

So I wasn’t surprised that some people took me to task for an article I posted on Sunday, “The 10 Worst Media Gaffes of Election 2012.” After all, I acknowledge


Reader Email 2: How Do You Handle Negative Comments?

You’re a jerk. An idiot. A poser. A moron. A dumbass.

If you’ve blogged long enough, you’ve probably been assaulted by a few readers who disagree with your conclusions. And that can lead to a few challenges for bloggers who want to allow a free exchange of ideas but also insist upon a civil discourse.

Reader Mary

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