Here's what people have been saying about The Media Training Bible:

“Brad Phillips has been making us sound better on television and radio for years. Now he’s tackled the art of speech giving with his new book, 101 Ways to Open a Speech, and he’s nailed it once again. Buy this book today and you’ll use it over and over again.”- Taegan Goddard, Founder, Political Wire

“Brad Phillips focuses on themes that make the point and eliminate the noise.”- Jim Pawlak, Dallas Morning News

“The Media Training Bible is an invaluable asset to improving one’s brand recognition and getting one’s message across clearly…Each of the 101 pointers is succinct, informative, and utterly invaluable in today’s interconnected world of public relations. Highly recommended!”- Midwest Book Review

“There are lots of expensive public and media relations firms out there who can give you the full treatment, but I recommend starting with a good book on the subject, like the one just released by media training expert Brad Phillips, ‘The Media Training Bible.'” - Martin Zwilling, Forbes

“The Media Training Bible is a must read for learning best practices for creating, delivering, and staying on message with the media—a reference you’ll want on your top shelf.” - Wayne Bloom, CEO, Commonwealth Financial Network

“If more politicians read The Media Training Bible, there would be many fewer embarrassing stories about them featured on Political Wire.” - Taegan Goddard, Founder and Publisher, Political Wire

“In a chaotic media landscape, Brad Phillips offers a thorough and engaging guide to getting your message out authentically and effectively. Take Brad’s advice to heart. The little things do matter. I’ve witnessed a man’s ill-chosen words on national television implode his career, and a woman who handled a difficult interview so well she transcended the controversy swirling around her. Brad can help you avoid the former and execute the latter.” - Richard Harris, Former Director of Afternoon Programming, National Public Radio and Former Senior Producer, ABC News Nightline

“Through a perfect mix of lessons, case studies, and exercises, Brad Phillips unlocks the secrets of becoming an effective spokesperson. I refer to The Media Training Bible before every interview – and you will too.” - Tod Ibrahim, Executive Director, The American Society of Nephrology

“True to its title, this book is the bible of media training. It is also the Rosetta Stone of media training. And the Holy Grail of media training.” - Dan Janal, Founder, PR Leads

“I couldn’t put this book down…A compelling read that makes you feel as though you have your own, personal media trainer in your pocket – or on your shelf.” - Melissa Agnes, Crisis Communications Strategist and Blogger

“Everyone who speaks to the media – and anyone who might – should read The Media Training Bible before even thinking about doing another interview. Executives and other professionals will want to keep this invaluable resource within reaching distance for many years to come.” - Russ Mittermeier, President, Conservation International

“The key to success with media interviews is preparation. The Media Training Bible is one of the most insightful and easy-to-use resources for communications professionals and business executives to prepare for any type of print, online or broadcast interview.” - Dave Groobert, U.S. General Manager, Environics Communications

“Brad Phillips’ book will become THE Media Training Bible for CEOs, leaders, and spokespersons who want to be a winner with the media. Phillips shares what reporters need, how to craft your message, and how to deliver it simply and effectively in every medium. It’s loaded with practical, tactical and proven advice from a true media training pro. After 30 years of PR consulting and media training myself, I’ve never seen the topic so well organized and practically delivered.” -Jeff Domansky, The PR Coach

“As a media trainer myself for the past decade and a half, I learned things about messaging and speaking successfully that were eye opening and useful in equal measure.”- Gary Genard, author, Fearless Speaking

“The Media Training Bible is the most comprehensive and well-reasoned resource on this topic I have ever read. Well-organized and thorough, it contains everything necessary to prepare readers for contact with the media, regardless of whether they are a novice or a seasoned veteran. Brad Phillips leverages his unique background as an ex-member of the media and an active media trainer and commentator to create a powerful resource that can be used again and again. Public relations professionals – and the executives they serve – shouldn’t be out there without it.” - Linda Carlisle, Corporate Communications Manager, Elkay Manufacturing Company

“The Media Training Bible goes far beyond the standard media training guides and is must-reading for anyone who would be the least bit frightened by an unexpected knock on the door from the local TV news crew. Brad Phillips’s 101 lessons will arm you with everything you need to know to be interviewed by even the toughest bulldog reporter and not only survive, but thrive, in the spotlight. More than three dozen case studies show you how to avoid costly mistakes made by celebrities, politicians and others who didn’t understand the confusing rules of the media game. (The media know the rules, but they don’t want YOU to know.) Don’t pitch stories and don’t accept requests for media interviews until you read this book.” - Joan Stewart, Publisher, The Publicity Hound

“Brad Phillips has produced an excellent resource with The Media Training Bible. It does in fact live up to its promise with over 100 lessons in what to do, say and think (or not to do, say or think) before ever embarking on the often treacherous journey into ‘MediaLand.’ The book is very comprehensive, a compelling read and very practical. I highly recommend it – a must for anyone contemplating a media spokesperson role.” - Jane Jordan-Meier, Crisis Coach and Author, The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management: How to Manage the Media in the Digital Age

“Brad’s bible captures the reader’s attention – regardless of professional level – because it is a refreshing departure from the never-ending droning many PR and media relations books present… His streamlined approach makes the book not only an engaging read, but also a ready reference for the future.” - John Barnett, Vox Optima Public Relations

“The advice in The Media Training Bible is both timely and timeless, filled with hands-on guidance that can be applied immediately.”- Michael Sebastian, Managing Editor, Ragan’s PR Daily

“Theory is great. Action is better because it gets results. This book gives you the tools to get results. I’ve read over 100 public relations and communication-type books, and this is one of my favorites. It will be yours too.”- Rodger D. Johnson, Get Social P.R.

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