July 12, 2016 Brad Phillips was highlighted in a lengthy Washington Post article offering Donald Trump (and all other public speakers) tips to use a teleprompter more effectively.

July 14, 2015 "101 Ways to Open a Speech," the new book by Brad Phillips, became Amazon's #1 new release in three categories: Public Speaking, Speech, and Running Meetings and Presentations. 101 Ways to Open a Speech Promo One November 23, 2014 Gary Genard, the author of Fearless Speaking reviewed The Media Training Bible, writing:
What's foregrounded here may be media appearances, but there are some great lessons throughout the book for whatever type of speaking you do. And even as a media trainer myself for the past decade and a half, I learned things about messaging and speaking successfully that were eye opening and useful in equal measure.
November 21, 2014 Brad Phillips appeared on Washington D.C.'s top-rated WTOP-FM to discuss the sexual assault allegations being leveled against comedian Bill Cosby. You can listen to the audio here.

April 20, 2014 Rich Hopkins of the Stand and Deliver blog reviewed The Media Training Bible and shared his review with his 44,000 Twitter followers. He wrote:
"The Media Training Bible was a much better read than I expected - offers excellent ideas and approaches for those being interviewed for the first time, or their 100th. If you are intending to get out into the media with your message, be it through radio interviews, press releases leading to print interviews, or even webinars - you'll be doing yourself a favor reading through this guide, and keeping it nearby, just in case. If you're working for someone else, and the company comes under fire, and a reporter comes looking for you, this book might be even more valuable, by helping you keep your mouth in line and your job in hand! 5 Stars out of 5."
February 3, 2014 Brad Phillips appeared on Washington, D.C.'s top-rated WTOP-FM to discuss the best and worst Super Bowl ads of 2014.
February 2014 Brad Phillips was featured in a MediaBistro article called "10 Surefire Ways To Not Suck at Skype or Webcam Interviews:
"As great as that is, adds Brad Phillips, author of The Media Training Bible and the Mr. Media Training blog, it shouldn't be a great surprise that the logistical benefits of webcam interviews can also be met with some executional challenges. 'Eye contact can be a big problem for many people who aren't used to gazing at an inanimate camera. Worse, the computer screen can be a distraction that too often pulls their eyes away from the camera. And,' he says, 'people speaking into a camera usually lose the natural energy they would bring to an in-person conversation. That's a mistake.'"
January 2014 Brad Phillips was quoted in regarding the media's rush to report actor Philip Seymour Hoffman's death:
Though the idea of that chills me to the bone, Philips Media Training founder Brad Phillips asserts that it's not unusual. Though print journalists once voluntarily withheld names of victims until next of kin were notified, in the age of the Internet, where photos of a crime scene can be tweeted by passersby long before the first reporters reach the site, there’s no longer a hard and fast consensus around withholding names. “Would releasing the news on an official channel — even without family notification — help clear up confusion and offer confirmation instead of allowing unconfirmed speculation to fester?” Philips wonders. “And couldn’t it be argued that that would be more respectful of the families?” These are challenging questions, ones that should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
July 2013 The Midwest Book Review recommended and featured a very favorable review of The Media Training Bible. The review said:
"The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know Before Your Next Interview lives up to its title as a 'must-have' guide especially for business leaders and spokespeople. Public perception is everything in today's competitive and volatile economy; The Media Training Bible is an invaluable asset to improving one's brand recognition and getting the one's message across clearly. Chapters cover a wide variety of critical considerations from 'The 12-year-old-nephew rule' (if a young adult can paraphrase your message in their own words, you've successfully eliminated its jargon), to 'The Peter Jennings Rule' (instead of saying "I don't know", answer a confounding question with the relevant information that you do know), to makeup considerations (both men and women should fix shadows under their eyes before going on camera), to special considerations for blog interviews, and much more. Each of the 101 pointers is succinct, informative, and utterly invaluable in today's interconnected world of public relations. Highly recommended!"
June 26, 2013 Brad Phillips appeared on Washington, D.C.'s top-rated WTOP-FM to discuss Paula Deen's poor crisis management. You can listen here. May 22, 2013 In his column today, writer Taegan Goddard of "The Week" suggested that the White House buy a copy of The Media Training Bible to help navigate its IRS crisis. He writes:
"We're left assuming one of two things is true: Either the White House does have something to hide, or it has a self-inflicted credibility problem with the media.
That leaves two solutions: Either lawyer up in preparation for upcoming congressional investigations, or buy a copy of The Media Training Bible and read it quickly over the holiday weekend."   April 15, 2013 The Media Training Bible reached number one on Amazon's Public Relations Bestsellers list! April 14, 2013 Brad Phillips was quoted by The Huffington Post in a story called "Media Training for NFL and College Football Players: Sign Us Up!" Here's an excerpt:
"Brad Phillips, President of Phillips Media Relations and author of The Media Training Bible, has a similarly humanistic approach. He is adamantly opposed to 'spin and evasion' and concentrates on helping clients to find their own method of presenting themselves to the public 'in the best possible way while remaining honest, accountable and transparent.'"
  April 2013 Brad Phillips was quoted in the American Journalism Review about a topic mentioned in The Media Training Bible: whether sources should conduct interviews by email. Here's an excerpt:
"Phillips, a former producer for CNN who founded Phillips Media Relations in New York in 2004, says many of his clients come to him petrified of the press or feeling that at one time or another they have been burned. He likes to use as a reminder of the importance of his work the lengthy interview Tony Hayward, the head of British Petroleum, granted after the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the sound bite the press pistol-whipped him with: "I'd like my life back." Some public relations firms, the minority of them, in Phillips' view, teach clients to answer the question they want to answer, to avoid the question they'd rather not tackle. Phillips says he teaches clients to answer the question that was asked. For him, e-mail is a tool of clarity and precision."
February 4, 2013 I joined host Barbara Weltman of Build Your Business Radio to discuss The Media Training Bible and offer specific tips to help media spokespersons improve their interviews. You can listen to the interview here: Build Your Business Clip.  February 1, 2013 Wayne Hurlbert of Blog Business World "highly recommends" The Media Training Bible in his review of the book. He wrote:
"For me, the power of the book is how Brad Phillips combines a comprehensive overview of all aspects of media presentations, with the practical strategies and techniques to achieve success in all interview situations...The key is that Brad Phillips understands that what is the best form of presentation for one type of media may not be effective with another...I highly recommend the very complete and extremely useful book The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Before Your Next Interview by Brad Phillips, to any business or organizational leaders, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, or anyone who may be called upon to provide an interview in any format of media."
January 30, 2013 Molly Gamble of Becker's Hospital Review highlighted The Media Training Bible in a terrific post called "4 Signs of Media-Savvy Hospital CEOs." She goes into great detail on four specific things hospital CEOs (any spokesperson, really) should keep in mind before their next media interview. January 16, 2013 Amy Alexander of Investor's Business Daily profiled The Media Training Bible in her article, "Prepare to Meet The Press With Practice, Honesty." She writes:
"The best spokespeople "know that their primary function during an interview isn't to impress their bosses or peers, but to forge a direct connection with each person reading or hearing their words," Phillips wrote in his new book, 'The Media Training Bible.'"
January 7, 2013 Brad Phillips appeared on Nonprofit Spark with Renee McGivern to discuss the best ways nonprofit leaders could communicate through the media. Click here to hear his interview with Nonprofit Spark. January 7, 2013 Blogger Rodger D. Johnson, editor of the Get Social PR blog, titled his review of The Media Training Bible as: "Lost Testament to PR Canon Found." In his review, he wrote: "I’ve read over 100 public relations and communication-type books, and this is one of my favorites. It will be yours too." January 5, 2013 Dallas Morning News reporter Jim Pawlak wrote a brief synopsis of The Media Training Bible, in which he wrote: "Author Brad Phillips focuses on themes that make the point and eliminate the noise." January 5, 2013 Brad Phillips appeared on Business Talk Radio with Stu Taylor to discuss The Media Training Bible. The interview can be found here. (Click January 5, 2013, first hour; fast forward to about halfway in.) December 28, 2012 Fast Company published an excerpt of The Media Training Bible on their website's homepage. The post, called "What to Say on Twitter When Everyone's Watching," can be found here. December 17, 2012 The Media Training Bible becomes the Kindle's top-selling public relations book! December 16, 2012 columnist Martin Zwilling wrote a positive review of The Media Training Bible in an article called "Serious Entrepreneurs Master Media Training Early":
"Not so long ago, training to meet the press and television reporters was a realm reserved for top business executives only. Now, even the earliest stage startup can rise to visibility or be forever lost by their first media spotlight, so it behooves us all to know the rules early. Most entrepreneurs I know admit to a poor first media interaction, and many are still waiting for the instant replay."
"There are lots of expensive public and media relations firms out there who can give you the full treatment, but I recommend starting with a good book on the subject, like the one just released by media training expert Brad Phillips, 'The Media Training Bible.'"   December 11, 2012 The Media Training Bible makes it to number 10 on Amazon's "Hot New Business Books" list:   November 30, 2012 Writer Eddie Scarry of Fishbowl DC profiled The Media Training Bible in a post called, "Media Expert Publishes 'Bible.' Mr. Scarry also posed a smart and provocative "test question" to me:

 "With Politico‘s David Chalian in mind, we proposed the following scenario to Phillips: A reporter is caught on a hot mic disparaging a presidential candidate as a racist. Media reporters want to know how the editor of the publication is going to handle the situation. What kind of questions can he or she expect and how should the person prepare to address them?"

  You can read my answer here.

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