What Is Media Training?

Written by Brad Phillips @MrMediaTraining on July 19, 2018 – 4:24 AM

I recently spotted a tweet that asked an intriguing question: “What’s something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?”

That question was catnip for me, so I sent a response. It ended up getting several retweets and likes, which told me that I wasn’t the only person interested in the definition of media training.


What Is Media Training Tweet

Twitter is often the first draft, not the finished product. Although I like the definition I came up with in just a couple of minutes, it’s also a bit defensive. Because I’m aware that some people (wrongly) view media training as a superficial or even dishonest exercise, I began my definition by discussing what media training is not. Frankly, I’d prefer a definition that defines media training positively from the start.


Now it’s your turn. 

I’d love to hear your definition of media training. You can:

1. Leave your definition in the comments section below, or

2. Send a tweet, and include the hashtag #MediaTrainingDefined to make sure I see it.

I’ll screenshot and add your tweets to this post so others can see your definitions. And if you decide to leave a comment instead of tweeting, try to keep your definition to 280 characters or less.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

What is Media Training 1

What is Media Training 6

What is Media Training 7


What is Media Training 4

What is Media Training 5


What is Media Training 10

What is Media Training 11


What is Media Training 8

What is Media Training 2

What is Media Training 12

What is Media Training 3

What is Media Training 9

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  1. By Bryn Law:

    Media training is giving people the confidence to identify the various ‘types’ of media and then giving them the capability and confidence to meet the different challenges and tailor their message appropriately.

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