Month: June 2011

June 2011: The Five Worst Video Media Disasters

If this month’s number one media disaster surprises you, it means only one thing: You’ve been locked in a room without access to email, the phone, social networks, friends, newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet.

(Either that, or you have an iPhone on AT&T’s network.)

Without further ado, here are June’s five worst video media


Rick Perry: Election 2012 Preview

This article is part of an occasional series of articles looking at the contenders for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.

Rick Perry replaced George W. Bush in the Texas Governor’s Mansion when Mr. Bush won the White House in 2000. He’s been there ever since. But recent reports say Perry is looking for a promotion, and


Seven Tips For Giving a Better Phone Interview

Most of our trainees don’t know how to use a phone.

Sure, they talk by phone with their family, friends, and business contacts every day. But the telephone habits they use during those calls are radically different from the ones they need for interviews conducted by phone, or “phoners.”

So forget everything you (think) you


It’s Not The Politician’s Fault. It’s The Media’s Fault.

On a recent Real Time With Bill Maher, guest Janeane Garofalo said something exasperating that I hear clients (and other pundits) say a lot. While discussing the Anthony Weiner saga, she said that it was the media’s fault that the Weiner story was such a big deal, not Mr. Weiner’s.

I’m going to call bull on


Delta Airlines, Saudi Arabia, and “No Jews Allowed”

Late this afternoon, the web lit up with articles about a burgeoning corporate crisis affecting Delta Airlines. From all across the ideological spectrum came stories about Delta’s alleged “No Jews Allowed” policy for flights going to Saudi Arabia.

The liberal Huffington Post, centrist USA Today, and conservative WorldNetDaily all covered the story. According to WorldNetDaily’s


Jon Huntsman: Election 2012 Preview

This article is part of an occasional series of articles looking at the contenders for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination on Tuesday. Interestingly, he served as President Obama’s ambassador to China – so if he wins the nomination, he will run against his former


Three Recent Must-See Media Disasters

Readers regularly send in clips of media disasters. (Thank you!)

Some of them aren’t big enough to become stand-alone stories – but collectively, they make for one heck of a fun blog post. So here are three lesser-noticed recent must-see media disasters.

1. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Yells At Constituent

Late last week, Gov. Christie


Five Ways Media Training Can Improve Your Marriage

Can media training help your marriage?

Many of our trainees think so. They regularly quip that they should try the media training techniques we teach on their spouses back home.

To be clear, many media training techniques will not work well in your personal life. My wife wouldn’t react kindly, for example, if I told her that

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