Month: February 2011

What Should I Do With My Hands?

If you saw Will Ferrell’s movie Talladega Nights (and for your sake, I hope you didn’t), you might remember his character’s dreadful media interview. As Ricky Bobby’s hands kept flying into the frame, he admitted, “I’m not sure what to do with my hands.” 

Sure, the scene was exaggerated for comic effect. But many of our


There’s No Such Thing As An “Official” Interview

Imagine you have a television interview scheduled with a reporter. The handsome TV news personality arrives at your office, the crew sets up the cameras and lights, and the interview begins.

Fifteen minutes fly by in what seems like seconds, and you’re done. You feel good. Even though the reporter asked a few tricky questions, you


BBC: Those Lazy, Flatulent, Feckless Mexicans

Viewers of the popular BBC program Top Gear are used to the humorous hosts making irreverent remarks. But a few recent comments about Mexicans got the hosts in some well-deserved hot water.

Last week, the show’s hosts were discussing a Mexican sports car that they referred to as the “Mexican Tortilla.”

Mexico's Mastretta MXT (Photo Courtesy


Should You Ask Reporters For The Questions?

Last week’s Question of the Week asked readers to share their thoughts on this question: Should you ask reporters to see their questions prior to an interview?

Judging from the comments I heard, there’s absolutely zero consensus in the P.R. world on this issue.

Here are a few of your replies, which range from “absolutely


Ronald Reagan At 100: The Great Communicator

One hundred years ago this Sunday, Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois.

To commemorate President Reagan’s centennial year, this article will look at five of his most famous communications moments, each demonstrating why he earned the moniker, “The Great Communicator.” 

Moment One: February 23, 1980: “I’m Paying For This Microphone!”

Ronald Reagan and George H.W.


Why Kenneth Cole’s Apology Stinks

This morning, clothing designer Kenneth Cole stepped in it when he Tweeted this:

Ugh. After the predictable (and well-deserved) negative media attention ensured, he Tweeted this:

That did little to stop the on-line frenzy caused by his insensitive Tweet, so he posted the following message on Facebook this afternoon:

“I apologize to everyone who


Mitt Romney’s Media Admission on “The View”

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney appeared on The View and discussed his likely 2012 bid for the Republican nomination. One of his answers prompted a prominent blogger to declare that Mr. Romney had failed “the smell test.” I disagree.

Courtesy Jessica Rinaldi, Wikimedia Commons

When Mr. Romney was asked if he had learned any lessons from his


How To Be A Better Media Guest In 3 Seconds

I know this sounds like a catchy headline offering impossible advice. But I swear it’s true – you can become a better media spokesperson in just three seconds.

Here’s how: When a reporter asks you a question, don’t answer. Remain quiet for a few seconds. Use that time to think about your response. Then – and

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