Month: February 2011

The 21 Most Essential Media Training Links

Note: This post was updated in January 2016. 

I’ve written hundreds of posts since beginning this blog. Many of the posts containing the most critical tips for media spokespersons have gotten buried, so I wanted to post them all in one easy-to-find place.

So, with no further introduction, here are the 21 links I consider to


A Disturbing New Trend In Crisis PR Apologies

Journalist Nir Rosen, a fellow at NYU’s Center For Law and Security, stepped down under pressure today after sending a series of offensive Tweets.

Shortly after CBS announced yesterday that correspondent Lara Logan had suffered a “brutal and sustained sexual assault,” Mr. Rosen wrote the following on Twitter:

“Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson [Cooper]. Yes yes


Yes, Our PR Firm Is Running a Sweat Shop

Julian Vogel, a managing director for the London-based fashion PR firm Modus Publicity, was recently interviewed by the BBC program, “Who Gets The Best Jobs.” It didn’t go well.  

When the interviewer challenged Mr. Vogel about his company’s practice of using unpaid interns, he stalled, backtracked, and stammered – but he failed to offer an answer


Lara Logan & CBS News’ Perfect Statement

Earlier today, CBS News released a statement about news correspondent Lara Logan that contained horrifying news. Four days ago, Ms. Logan got separated from her crew in Cairo and sustained a “brutal and sustained sexual assault.”

This story sickens me, and I hesitate to even write about it. But Ms. Logan, her family, and CBS deserve credit


How To Write A Safer E-Mail

It’s safe to say that Morley Safer, the respected 60 Minutes correspondent, won’t be getting an invitation to a women’s rights rally any time soon.

First, some background. Mr. Safer is a member of something called The Century Club, which obnoxiously describes itself as:

“…an association of over two thousand authors, artists, and amateurs of letters and


Question Of The Week: February 14, 2011

It’s the moment every communications pro dreads. Despite your best efforts to keep something inside your company or organization private, a reporter finds out about it anyway.

Perhaps the journalist has heard about an upcoming merger or major staff change. Maybe somebody tipped the reporter off to an impending legal settlement or a confidential deal struck


Advanced Skill: Comment Without Commenting

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written two stories (here and here) about the perils of saying “no comment.” But I haven’t told you what you should do if you really can’t comment.

Just because you shouldn’t ever use the words “no comment” doesn’t mean you have to reveal everything you know to every reporter who


Chris Lee Sex Scandal: Great Crisis Response

Two-term Congressman Christopher Lee (R-NY) resigned yesterday, within hours of learning that a website published a shirtless photo he sent to a woman he had met on Craig’s List, along with the accompanying (and rather tame) e-mails.

In the e-mails, the married 46-year-old Congressman claimed he was 39-years-old, divorced, and “classy.”

Since many members of Congress have

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